Monday, April 9, 2012

March 2012

We have 2 March birthdays. And besides that we had extra fun stuff planned with Papa Lundell this month. This was a Party Van when I picked up Syd and Haylee on Haylee's Birthday.

This year for Birthdays the kids get to do a movie and invite a couple friends and the cheap seats. There was no kid movies playing so we decided to catch the matinee to "The Lorax" It was funny!

Papa took us to Disney on Ice (Toy Story 3) It was so much fun. We are so lucky to have him, we get to do so many fun things we could afford to do with our 6 kids. We feel so richly blessed for just the time he comes and spend with us also. SHOUT OUT TO PAPA!

We also went and used our free sledding day. Papa and Susan took out the fence. We invited the Stephensons and G, Amy, Ridge, Austin and Ty came with us. We had such a fun month...full of crazy, and we loved it.
Hope your March was also great!

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  1. So fun! Love all your catch ups! I need to get moving too! Thanks for motivating me!