Monday, April 9, 2012

March 2012

We have 2 March birthdays. And besides that we had extra fun stuff planned with Papa Lundell this month. This was a Party Van when I picked up Syd and Haylee on Haylee's Birthday.

This year for Birthdays the kids get to do a movie and invite a couple friends and the cheap seats. There was no kid movies playing so we decided to catch the matinee to "The Lorax" It was funny!

Papa took us to Disney on Ice (Toy Story 3) It was so much fun. We are so lucky to have him, we get to do so many fun things we could afford to do with our 6 kids. We feel so richly blessed for just the time he comes and spend with us also. SHOUT OUT TO PAPA!

We also went and used our free sledding day. Papa and Susan took out the fence. We invited the Stephensons and G, Amy, Ridge, Austin and Ty came with us. We had such a fun month...full of crazy, and we loved it.
Hope your March was also great!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

February 2012

My Crazy bunch of kids. I love when we get extra time together...and so do all of you! I got yo ALL ready for school this morning and I had to take a picture of all of you ready to go before 7:30. WOWZA! I don't think I could do that every day.

We made Valentine Hearts to hang by the fireplace. (which Brian set on flames the next day...not paying attention)

We went to Idaho for Presidents Day weekend. We has SO much fun at Blast Off, and hanging out with cousins. It was the first trip with NO was SO fun!

Brian surprised me with a nice little overnighter to Downata Hot Sprigs. It was so muh fun and much needed. I feel SO blessed to have him and for how special he makes every day moments.  He is WonDErfUL!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE going hiking with my kiddlets. We are SO blessed to live blocks away from the mountains. It is so beautiful, and fun. We love to climb up and watch the sun set. I am SO grateful to share what my daddy shared with me, with my kids.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

January 2012

January was a good month. Brian and I went to Las Vegas for his Chiropractic Convention. I had some R.N.R. and then drove the boys (Gailen, Kevin, and Brian) around.  I ran on The Strip and went to the outlets.  Checked out ALL the D.I.'s and Savers (thrift stores) It was SO much fun!

We had Great Grandpa Jo come over and the kids have him do his penny magic trick over and over. Benson finally figured it out, but the girls were AMAZED again and again.

Enjoy my cute Grandpa!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Happy Birthday to ME!

HAPPY 30th Birthday to ME!  Best and PERFECT first birthday part EVER!

I picked my favorite many people came and we had a BLAST! But Amy and G ockedit with their 80's apparel. And Amy was out on he dance floor all night showing us all up! I loved it!

 SO in Love with this guy! He was so helpful and pulling this off and helping me ever step of the way.

ALL the girls who dressed up!

Katie and Cam drove from Idaho to dance the night away. We Karaoked and John was the BEST D.J.
Seriously I get giddy everytime I look at all these pictures. I feel so blessed with great friends and family. I know it's sad that I threw myelf a party but I wanted to celelbrate 30 and kick it off! Life can only get better!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

December Fun 2011

December was a FULL month! Tons of fun and lots to do.  I took Ben, Jo & Lilz, and Syd and Hay's (and then Bethy for me&Brian) Pictures for their other parent for Christmas. Which turned out super cute, and hopefully they appriciated them...oh well if not I got some CUTE pictures of these kids I love!

We went to Cookies with Santa with Aunt Amy, Ridge, Austin, and Ty. It was fun! You guys LOVED that you got to wear your P.J.'s

All you kids got to be in the Christmas Nativity in our Ward Party. This picture is so blurry but who cares...You all were SO cute!

Brian decided to go outside barefoot (not recommended) and stepped on one of my craft nails. I post this picture for his pleasure! It makes me cringe looking at it!

All the Lundell cousins came into town and we went walking around 25th street Chirstmas Village. I had never been there before some of the little houses were so cool.

Papa Lundell took us for our Annual Sledding adventure. It was actually raining when we first got there, but everyone still had a fun time.

To END 2011 we had a friendly family competition WHICH WE WON (me, brian, carrie, and todd)  Ok it was only by 1 point.... it was so fun, and I hope made into a yearly tradition.

New Years Party was at Amy's and G's which is always a great time, they are such good hosts! And ALL the kids love anything at Aunt Amy's...cuz' they know it will be the best!
Happy New Year! Welcome 2012!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

November 2011

I didn't take many pictures in November.  But I did take this one of Great Grandpa with you guys.  Since Great Grandma passed away we try to have Grandpa out for dinner.
It was not our year for Thanksgiving. So Dad, Beth and I went to The Bunnells, with the Renfroe Clan.  It was fun but it is just like any holiday without all of us, missing something.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Our Family Oct 2011

I LOVE this picture! 
My sister Hanna was in town and we went up to the was freezing, but well worth the beautiful pictures we got...she even convinced us to get in the water. 

Me and my Hotty Husband!
 I never knew life could be so full, and so filled with love on every level. I find myself in awe at my blessings and the joy I have in life. I am so lucky to have knowledge of our Savior Jesus Christ and His love and desire for us to be happy and fulfilled in this life.  I have found that as I strive to do my best, my joy is fuller and I am SO lucky to have such an amazing guy to share it with.

 SO grateful for our CRAZY 6... makes me want more!